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initial-tutoring-assessmentProspective students are pretested in order to accurately determine which academic areas the student has previous mastery of and which areas need additional focus and instruction. The initial assessment is the student’s first step to insure successful development and create confidence to accomplish future goals.

Individual Program

individual-student-programEach student is unique, so it is vital to create an individualized program that is tailored to the needs of that specific student. Being able to focus on only the areas that require more instruction is a cost-effective way to allow the student to master new skills and develop better study habits that will be useful in the future.

One on One

teacher-one-on-oneBenefits from learning one on one include having the undivided attention of the teacher. This translates into a better opportunity to engage in real communication, instant feedback, and better understanding of the learner’s needs. One on one learning also creates an environment to encourage faster learning.

Ongoing Testing

final-testing-masteryEach student is reviewed daily for reading, math accuracy, and mastery of objectives. Periodic testing is done to determine growth. When the student’s performance reflects satisfactory growth in the areas that required assistance, a final test is given to demonstrate that the student has a mastery of the skills that were learned. This testing can also identify areas where the student could continue to advance their skills and study habits on their own.


resultsBy developing a set of fundamental skills and building the foundation for a more successful education, the ultimate goal of the student’s individual program is to provide our students the ability and confidence to accomplish all of their future goals.

Here is a student who came to us needing assistance on ACT testing. We developed a program that was suited to his specific needs. In this video, the student explains how our program is helping him improve his scores and  discusses the ways he has benefited from enrolling in our program.

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