Dyslexia is Not a Mental Deficiency

In today’s world, dyslexia is thought to be a common learning disorder. It is characterized by individuals who have difficulty in reading and spelling. Other symptoms may include poor memory of spoken and written words, and a tendency to jumble or mix up letters.

True dyslexia is thought to be life-long. The majority of students can find relief from all their symptoms with appropriate training. In the repair process, skills need to be carefully assessed, sequenced, and intensified. All of this is missing in today’s educational delivery.

In addition, a parent may hear that the child also has dyscalcula, dysgraphia, or dysnomia. Parents may panic, but these are not brain disorders, only labels representing needed language, math, and writing skills.

I am often asked why the United States has so many “disabled” students that fail to exist in other countries. The question we should ask is, when did this “defective student” philosophy begin?

Simply put, it happened when reading approaches became “sight” methods rather than intensive phonics and when “rote, recall, and drill” was abandoned by educators. Thus, blaming the student abounds today.

My recommendation is to carefully check the credentials and experience of the “so-called expert.” The simplest answer is usually the best.

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