Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Educational Resource Associates is located in West Des Moines, IA. Find our full address (and additional contact details) at our Contact page.

What programs do you offer?

We offer individualized, custom-tailored programs for students of all ages. Learn more at our Programs page.

How do I know which program is right?

Find out which programs would benefit your child by having them evaluated. Our academic testing is designed to identify both your child’s strengths and those areas which need improvement. We build individualized programs to address each child’s needs.


Every child’s program is different, based on their academic needs and goals. Tutoring costs will be determined by the length of their programs, which programs they are enrolled in, and our hourly tuition rate.

What kind of training do your teachers have?

Our teachers are passionate about helping your child succeed. They are individually trained by our Director to deliver the high quality programs that parents expect and children deserve. All teachers are monitored closely though each student’s programs to make sure that program goals are being met.

How much individual attention will my child receive?

Our programs are One on One, allowing teachers to focus in on their student and their learning style. Students receive the individual attention they need to move ahead.

What makes Educational Resource’s programs effective?

Our in depth program begins with your first call. A thorough intake and history is taken by our Director, a qualified educational diagnostician and a licensed consultant. Based on that information, testing is personalized to their particular needs. Using those test results, your child will have an individualized program tailored for them by our Director. No two children have the same program. Our programs are designed to build skills and address not only immediate needs but also underlying issues such as reading comprehension, motivation, and auditory and visual perception issues that may impede their success. As each child moves through their program, we monitor their progress which allows us to ‘fine tune’ their programs in real time.

All of our tutoring is done on our premises with our staff of highly trained tutors. In addition, our Director’s door is always open to discuss your student’s progress. All of our programs we offer are always taught One on One.

Your child will be happy to know that we work on a point system and reward their hard work with toys, gift cards, and treats!