These are common signs that your child may need help in their education—please contact us to find out how we can help!

  • Is homework a fight?
  • Doesn’t complete homework?
  • Low grades?
  • Skips days from school?
  • Not achieving grades at college?
  • Can’t spell?
  • Need help with homeschooling?
  • Trouble focusing?
  • Slow reader or hates reading?
  • Brings home messy papers?
  • Refuses to study?
  • Child may be bullied at school?
  • History of ear infections/hearing loss?
  • Poor self esteem?
  • Lacking confidence?
  • Poor study skills?
  • Special Education not helping?
  • Refuses to attend school?
  • Your gifted learner is bored?
  • Has math anxiety
  • Dyslexia?
  • Does poorly on school testing?
  • Reverses and omits letter and numbers?
  • Your child doesn’t understand everyday Math?
  • Refuses to read out loud and stumbles on words?
  • Child does not communicate in writing?
  • Writes papers with poor sentence structure/grammar?
  • Your pre-school child talked late or doesn’t talk at all?
  • Young children throwing temper tantrums at home and school?

We can help!

Judy HintzJudy Hintz holds a Master’s of Science Degree from Drake University. Her areas of specialization are autism, learning disabilities, behavioral disorders and dyslexia. She is a qualified educational diagnostician and is licensed by the State of Iowa as an educational consultant.

Judy founded our learning clinic, now open for over 35 years. We serve students who age 3 through adult, and reside across the U.S.

Judy is a frequent speaker and guest on talk radio and has served as a child advocate in many schools. Her educational strategies reflect her philosophy that all students and adults can be successful learners.

All programs are individualized and tailored to each student’s needs, which are identified through skills based testing.