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This article by Kathie Strooh was originally published as a Business Profile in, November 2018)

Educational Resources offers a life changing opportunity for anyone struggling with learning disabilities. Judy Hintz the owner and team leader saw the need for a language-based facility to help struggling students overcome their problems. As a kindergarten and 4th grade teacher and later as a special education teacher in the public school system, she became frustrated with the curriculum being taught. Judy realized reading was not being taught in a way students could learn and retain skills; they were sent to special education classes and were never sent back to regular classes. She saw a desperate need for a clinical program designed to individually help each student, giving parents an alternative to generic special education programs.

Judy has a master’s degree in learning and behavioral disorders from Drake University, is a licensed consultant for the State of Iowa and a trained diagnostician. When I asked how a parent would know their child needed help, Judy responded, “Look for kids emotionally on the edge, who have temper tantrums, who talk later than normal, have recurring ear infections, lost their motivation to learn, stumble over words when reading out loud, have been diagnosed with dyslexia, have an IEP, receive poor scores on the ACT, or your child may resist going to school.

Obviously, there are other warning signs. We do extensive research into each case beginning with a history of the student. Using age appropriate markers, we give the students four hours of tests to accurately assess their specific learning problems. Using a bank of standard assessments, the student then has a starting point. As
they progress through their individually designed programs we meticulously track them for improvement:’

“Many students come to Educational Resources with a diagnosis of dyslexia:’ Judy says, “This can manifest as word or letter reversals, difficulty in auditory discrimination, the inability to process information and many other symptoms. I find after systematic intensive phonics and specialized programming, the need for this
diagnosis is eliminated.

“Recently, a 9th grade boy enrolled in one of our programs. He was working at a first and second grade level and had been in special education for years. He was depressed and saw no future for himself. After 9 weeks with us, he displayed a positive attitude and showed marked improvement. At the end of his second nine-week program he was working at or above his current grade level. He now loves school, shows no signs of depression and is looking forward to bright future.

“A student from Chicago tested very low on the ACT, further testing analysis showed she was missing specific reading skills. Completing 27 hours of remedial activity, she retook the test and advanced 11 points. Not surprisingly, the ACT board questioned her extremely improved scores. With the new understanding we gave her at
Educational Resources she was able to prove her ability to succeed. Any Student with low ACT scores can achieve marked improvement by attending our classes.

“A few decades ago Iowa schools ranked second in national achievement; subsequently Iowa has slipped to nearly the 40th placement. The proficiency levels are the lowest in the United States only to be matched by the state of Illinois. They are so low they don’t support success in college;’ Judy says. ‘1\fter ten years of common core education, which tends to teach to the middle student, we know gifted students have lost the drive and focus needed for top level careers. An enrichment program at Educational Recourses does a lot to return them to a desire for top level achievement and their goals for excellence:’

Other than academic training, courses are offered to adults training for CPA tests, law school tests and many other areas where specialized testing is required. Classes are offered, to all students in the office and on line, with most clients using a combination of both.

If you don’t feel your child is reaching their potential, give Judy a call. With proper testing to find any road blocks in their understanding, they develop a love for learning that will take them far in life.

Judy’s philosophy is, “Live it, dream it, love if’ She believes in your child’s ability to succeed even when the school system has given them the label of a dyslexia, a slow learner, or as an emotionally disruptive student. When you enter the door at Educational Resources you see this simple sign on the wall, Believe!

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