Skill Remediation and Test Prep, or Dyslexia Diagnosis?

What do you think?

I had a parent call me about her daughter who had received a 12 on the ACT test. The college admissions told her they could accept her if she had the dyslexia diagnoses. (She would like to be a teacher) They told her they would hire an assistant to read and write for her. She would also have the Praxis test for teacher certification read to her.

I offered to remediate her skills, prep the ACT. I thought she would have a more positive college experience and would develop confidence in herself.

The parents choose the disability route.

I have mixed feeling about this. She could possible become a good role model for students who struggle. She would have good opportunity to get a teaching job because of the non discriminatory practices in education.

But many questions arise. Would she get an assistant to read to her when she is employed? Does she even have to disclose her disability? Would she be hampered in teaching reading and writing if she herself struggles? Would she have more empathy for the large number of students who will soon be diagnosed with the same disability? Would you as a parent have any reservations about putting your child into her classroom? Who should pay for the extra assistance she may need in her career?

I am curious as to your thoughts about this as it may be a coming trend.

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