Stress and Headaches from Reading

Mandy was in college with a very difficult major. Reading has always been a concern of hers but most professionals missed the diagnoses and actually overlooked the problem with phonics, speed, and visual disturbances.

Mandy was obviously very bright and indicated reading had always been a weakness for her. When I questioned the visual, she described letters and words in reverse but most telling were words and letters that faded in and out and would not standstill. She often did not finish her reading assignments because it caused headaches and stress.

Fortunately, I am a Scotopic screener and could screen her to use colored overlays. Her vision improved immediately! Then on to reversal improvement and a decoding program.

I cannot tell you how important it is to choose professionals who are highly trained and hold a masters degree and have a WIDE RANGE of experience.

Even a true dyslexic should not have to endure year after year in training. It is all about the quality of the services. Carefully check the credential of the professionals!

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