The Dyslexia Institute of Iowa

The state of Iowa recently approved funding for screening and work with dyslexia. Their screening criteria was determined to be a lack of phonemes awareness and spelling difficulties.

Ironically, students of common core do not receive phonics and many schools no longer teach spelling. Unfortunately, parents who hear that their child has dyslexia fail to ask about the training, experience and education of the testers. These parents walk away devastated by a disability that is inadequately identified.

Inadequate diagnoses abound in this new movement. True dyslexia are a brain issue and should only be diagnosed by a neurologist or neuropsychologist.
This new disability is another negative label designed to lower the child’s self-esteem, scares the parents and gives the educational system another excuse for poor performance.

Educational Resource Associates welcomes you to the NEW Dyslexia Institute of Iowa. Adequate testing will quickly solve the curriculum-based weaknesses. Most “symptoms” can be cured. Admittedly, the few severe dyslexics can respond to clinical programs by highly trained teachers. These teachers are usually at the Master’s Degree level.

Currently, there should be a licensing procedure by the state of Iowa. To fully disclose this lack of expertise, professionals should be licensed.

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